Sunday, June 3, 2012

June Goals....Act Like It

I am moving in a month to a very warm place. The summers are known for being hot and humid while the rest of the year is pretty much perfect. Currently, I am relishing in the fact that in Michigan, I can hide in some more comfy and bulky clothing. Since April, I have only lost another two pounds.

My new home means a lot of lighter clothing and much more revealing in the sense of skirts and sleeveless blouses. I'm just not ready yet! I was working on feeling better in my body over the past month but as the last two months have brought job changes, apartment researches, and money woes, I have become more stressed out and turned to eating comfort foods. The weather over the past week (mid-60's) isn't helping any. Add into the fact that I have a lot A LOT of going out to do before I leave and, well, I foresee lots of potential landslides.

For example, today I went out with one of my closest friends because we both needed to relax. Relaxing meant movie (candy, soda) and then grabbing some awesome bar food and beers. To say that I feel sick NOW is an understatement but damn did it all taste good going down! I guess that is how all bad things are; what feels good now may not feel so good later.

The biggest learning curve is to stop doing the good stuff that temporarily feels good and realize that it may be bad in the long run. I spent the last few days eating lots of sugar (PMSing & stress, great combo!) but I feel like I am just hurting myself. Each day that is not full of water, vegetables, fruits, and protein, I know my body is going to pay the price later. My body is currently bloated, thirsty, and tired. I am also fighting a nasty little cold that is trying to kick all my healthy cells out!

So my new resolution for the remainder of the month is to remember how I feel when I treat myself well: healthy, strong, confident, happy, and social. When I eat horribly (greasy food, doughnuts, candy, roasted marshmallows) then I feel sloppy, heavy, and miserable.

Common sense, right?

Referring back to my post title, my June goal is to treat myself better. I put on my whiteboard the other day; "I am a fucking adult. This is ridiculous." which just means that I need to remind myself that I should be much more responsible for myself and take better care of myself. The older I get the more I realize just how important small actions are in the grand scheme of things. So for June....act like a fucking adult. 

....and hold dance parties in my living room to "Call Me Maybe" like I just don't care....

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  1. Ah, that song! It gets stuck in my head and begs to karaoke-ed.