Thursday, January 31, 2013

31 Things to Complete Before 32

Inspired by Caitlin's post about 29 things she wants to accomplish before her 29th birthday, I made myself a little list of 32 things I want to accomplish before I turn the big 3-2. I feel like I have hit the big milestone birthdays for right now (18, 21, 30) and now it is just about getting to 40 and then 50 and then 60. Each year brings reflection and on the precipice of each new year, I think about the fact that I made it through the prior one!

This is my list of 32 things...

1. Finish Dexter.

2. Bake french macroons. Well, with my oven, that just isn't going to happen HOWEVER I did buy one. Pistachio. Delicious. 

3. Eat indian food.

4. Visit Charleston. 03/15/13

5. Buy someone else's coffee.

6. Take a yoga class.

7. Eat kale.

8. Take the car through the car wash and vacuum interior.

9. Order prescription sunglasses.

10. Donate to ASPCA.

11. In lieu of birthday gifts, ask for donations to ASPCA, Best Friends, or

12. Have kitchen clean of meat products including soups, broth, etc.

13. Take at least two boxes of stuff over to Goodwill. Done...5 boxes! And more to come.

14. Get a warm Krispy Kreme donut. and it was delicious

15. Go to a museum. Charleston Museum!

16. Make significant progress on Project X. Some progress has been made, still working...

17. Buy flowers for myself. Technically, I bought my mom flowers and she bought me flowers so really, that works out even better than I had planned.

18. Get my free birthday drink from Starbucks VENTI Iced Chai Latte

19. Put and keep at least $300 in my savings at all times. Knock on wood....

20. Order cake pops from Sarah (my co-worker/graduate assistant). Orange Creamsicle. SO GOOD.

21. Give a presentation at a professional conference. Orlando, First Year Experience Conference, Boom.

22. Reconnect with O-Team 2011. I missed them

23. Submit a postcard to PostSecret.

24. Get rid of either Hulu or Netflix.

25. Join NACADA.

26. Take an entire weekend away from the computer.

27. Get frozen yogurt.

28. Bake bread. Made some delicious honey beer bread. 

29. Get a hair trim. Happened twice.

30. Get my hair professionally colored (pending funds).

31. Finally pick-up my new glasses!

32. Get the oil changed and car looked over.  My wallet hurts a little.

So...2.5 months to get this all done? Totally doable.

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