Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, it is that lovely day that people usually feel strongly one way or the other about: Valentine's Day. V-Day. Singles Awareness Day. In any case, it is a day where there is a whole lot of pink and red going on and usually some sort of candy involved which I can totally get behind.

Since I am having a rough start to my day (no hot water, fire alarm at work, loud construction happening at work, raging headache), I figured I should focus on some positive things going on in the world...

Homeless man returns diamond ring found in his change cup. (Huffington Post)

Hilarious teen contestant on Jeopardy wins. (Happy News)

Chronicle of love between a little boy and his best friend, a white french bulldog. (Huffington Post)

Boyfriend shaves his head in dedication to his girlfriend, recently diagnosed with cancer. (Huffington Post) 

Puppy Bowl superstars: Where are they now? (HLN)

Spin the Ferris Wheel of Love on Google (WIRED)

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