Tuesday, May 28, 2013

East to West: The Apology

This road trip had a much, much different feel than the first one from Oregon to Michigan (and from Michigan to South Carolina as well). There was definitely more things to see and a much longer distance to drive but I was also not sure what I was driving towards. I went through seven new states: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. I had never actually spent time in Georgia but really enjoyed it and with California, there was a whole lot of good and bad. I choose to focus on the positive and the many, many delicious doughnuts I ate and the great opportunities I got to see friends and family. It was a whirlwind experience which is why I didn't update the blog nearly as much as I wanted to. I want to do all of these elaborate posts but the priority now is job searching and becoming reacquainted with Portland, Oregon.

We have a rough history, me and Portland. Yes we do.

So now, some pictures? Let's make these ones the REALLY pretty ones and then I'll break down some of the highlights in other posts. OH, and there will indeed be a separate food post since I ate some delicious things!

I really enjoy seeing and hearing peoples' reactions to my journey. Not just the driving across the country part but just me and my little car scooting across the south tends to really freak people out! I had one tow truck guy (yep, that happened) who was insanely interested in why in the world I would want to do this all by myself and what was I thinking. Simply put, there isn't another option. It is costly (budget post coming as well) but it is a way better experience than having to sell or ship my car, ship my stuff, and then fly me to the new place.

My only wish now is that the next move is the last!

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