Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus Eight

Yesterday was the season premiere of the new season of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." It was HIGHLY promoted and pulled in almost 10 million viewers. I guess it shows that we want to see the truth behind the tabloid magazines and this is one of those rare occasions were we get to see it. We can't see the truth behind Michael Jackson's nose or Lindsay Lohan's alcoholism but here, we can see exactly what the truth is from the people themselves.
On one hand: I feel bad for the entire family. Yes, they wanted a reality show to document their lives and in that have created a media extravaganza around them. I think it is sad that everyone is picking on Kate and calling her things like "bitch" and "monster" because I think she is only that way in order to make sure her family is taken care of. She is OCD, controlling and a perfectionist even though she says she is not perfect, no one is. She has become a control-hungry person who has created a career off her children and family lives. If that is a good decision, I am still undecided. The family is able to afford everything they need, experience anything they would ever want to and the parents are able to have more flexibility with work. The downside is that Jon wants to work.
On the other hand: These people are in the most stressful situations possible. They are criticized by the mass majority while still trying to provide a normal life for their children and hold up their end of the show contract. They have to keep it interesting and keep up the grins. The episode last night showed that Jon was so constricted by the life that he has that he is worn out and completely shut down. He was talkative yet somber on his own but when he and Kate were on the couch together, he mumbled and kept his eyes low. It was sad to see how beaten down he had become. I have watched tons of episodes and it seems as though Kate affects his self-esteem in every way possible while he is there only for support and to have fun with his kids. I think that part of us all want to rescue Jon.

Anyways, that is my little opinion on the enormity that is this show. I watch it because I love the dynamics of the children between each other and how the parents handle having so many children. I feel bad watching now with all that is going on and I may just have to replace it with Tori & Dean on the Oxygen network.

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