Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick update

I haven't felt the urge to update anyone on anything in my life because, well, I feel like I am just on autopilot at the moment. Quickly, a recap?

-walked in the commencement ceremony and will hopefully graduate at the end of Summer term.
-my grades for last term were pretty horrendous, I kid you not. Not like, "Oh, I got a B" but pretty bad. If I would have noticed things earlier in my college career, I probably could have gotten help for my testing issues that have sank me for the last two terms. I am happy to almost be done because my enthusiasm and motivation for learning is low.
-really needing to lose weight at this point and find it hard to not give the old excuse of "I am tired" or "I don't have time" cause really, I know that isn't true.
-I love planning parties and weddings. It is what I think about all the time with regards to different themes and ideas and foods and everything. If I wasn't in debt up to my grey hairs, I would probably try to do an internship at an event planning company.

Despite the fact that things are difficult in my little world right now, I am pushing through. I am trying to maintain a positive attitude while I sit through class all day, every day this week and when my schedule changes back to classes/work for the next two months. I keep motivated by looking towards the future, as always, and try not to get too overwhelmed by thinking TOO far into the future.


  1. April, I think you'll feel much better when you're done with school. I'm sure you hear this again and again, but it's normal to get a little crazy when you're SO CLOSE to being done. The end is near! =)

  2. Thanks so much for your continuing support! I am just wanting to finish out decently and then move right along :)