Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Roast It

I have discovered my favorite way of preparing tofu: roasting the heck out of it!

I took the advice of a friend and pressed the extra-firm tofu for a few hours before roasting. I tossed it with some canola oil spray, garlic salt, and italian seasoning then put in in the oven, along with asparagus and brussel sprouts, at about 400 degrees for a good long while. They came out so yummy! They had great flavor and consistency. I almost hated having to put them into my pasta but they taste great either way.

My pasta was all about simplicity: sauteed garlic and onion, tofu yummies, and crushed tomatoes that were roughly chopped up. Toss with whole wheat spiral pasta and complete yumminess ensued. I toasted up some Sara Lee sandwich thins for that "garlic bread" accompaniment.

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