Monday, October 3, 2011

Room Revamp Part II

Since I returned from Florida, I have been on a low-budget mission to redo my entire apartment. It wasn't too bad before but it felt kind of cold and sparse. In August I managed to buy a bed and reconfigure everything in the entire apartment. So much better!

The bedroom has been the biggest redo since I have not only added in the bed but also redid the nightstand and bought a dresser off Craiglist to jazz up. It is a unique little vintage piece with a table fold out. The top of the table was ugly laminate so I decided to get a little creative. I also treated the wood with some oils and cleaned out a lot of the cobwebs and weird "someone owned this before me" vibe. I also replaced the gross drawer lining with $1 wrapping paper from Target.

First up, the nightstand. $5 off Craigslist.

All done! Just removed the tape and cleaned up the white design.


All three drawers done!

Dresser before, paper stencil which wasn't my brightest idea but turned out okay
Drying time

So all of this lovely redoing and revamping took about a week or two. The dresser sat in my kitchen for this entire time and it actually helped in redesigning the kitchen as well (pictures to come later although nothing terribly exciting). Finally, the furniture is moved into the bedroom.

I have to say, my room feels so much more comfortable and grown up now. I have a few more art pieces to make so that the walls don't feel so empty and I am still on the search for a cheap yet gorgeous comforter for the bed but other than that, I really like the style of my room. It feels very April.

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