Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So I have been so busy lately that I have forgotten to blog! I am sure my few loyal readers have missed me but hopefully I can rally and actually start posting regularly. Last night I realized that my boredom is giving way to grouchiness and complacence so I must start getting things done!

This is what I have been up to lately:

I was on a plane. I was on several planes actually that were all smaller than I would have preferred! I won't say where I went but the picture above is of the Reagan airport in DC. It was so cool to be able to fly in and see the White House! I had my geeked out moment for sure.

The reason I was on the plane was a for an interview at a university. It was a whirlwind 24 hours where I flew in, had dinner, slept, woke up, ate breakfast, interviewed for an entire day, toured the city, then left again. I was exhausted! It made last week a complete blur.

Secondly, I got an amazing spa package off Groupon and finally used it last week. I was ready for major relaxation and rejuvenation but it didn't turn out quite as I had planned. I've never had a massage before and was given a deep tissue massage. I think the combination of me not drinking enough water before and the intensity of the massage was a horrible combination. Later that night I felt a lot of soreness and then the next morning my skin was on fire and my entire upper body hurt. I even had to go home early from work! I felt ridiculous and of course, I provided major amusement for my co-workers as I flinched all day from the expectation that someone would come rub my back or give me a huge. It was ridiculous, I say!

I also got a shellac manicure, a deep conditioning hair treatment, and a facial. All lovely and the manicure was nice with the interview right around the corner. I would say for my first spa treatment, it wasn't terrible but not sure I would do it again either. Oddly enough, the most enjoyable part was the head massage!

The rest of life has been working, organizing potential renters to come by the apartment for showings, and applying for jobs. I also realized that since graduation (April 29th) I have read nine books. NINE! I don't think I read that many during all of grad school! I am attempting to read everything on my bookshelf so that I don't have to move those freakin' heavy books again.

Lastly, I went to an awesome Grease Sing-a-Long on Saturday night! The Redford Theater is an historical theater in a not so wonderful part of Detroit that does classic movie showings as well as cult classics. This particular showing of Grease is so much more fun because the words to the songs show up on the screen! The whole audience sang loud and proud and it was absolutely one of the most fun things I have done here in Detroit. I was exhausted from singing by the end!

Hope you all are doing well and having a good week so far! I can't believe May is almost over. I feel the need to ask Mr. Time to just chill out a bit so I can catch my breathe. I also want to ask Mr. Pain Reliever to take care of my crazy neck strain. I feel all wonky and out of adjustment!

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