Monday, March 11, 2013

Fill in the Blank: Monday Edition

 I am slightly caught up on blog posts. I am crazy involved with my Netflix instant queue. I need some pure sunshine and a big ol' drink. On a beach. With a man friend.


Here's to a new week! And a random blogger meme.

What interesting things would we find in your refrigerator right now if we were to open it?

A mexican bottle of Coca-Cola
An expired container of silken tofu.
A grip of Chobani yogurts of various flavors and sizes (the bites line is delicious!). 
Several containers of Egg Beaters. 
Two bottles of white wine.

What is your favorite sound in the kitchen?
I like the sound of popcorn popping in the microwave.

What three ingredients can’t you live without?

Ingredients for baking: flour, chocolate chips, butter.
Ingredients for cooking: quinoa, eggs, cheese.

What was a high point of your last week?
I was able to advise quite a bit which I love and makes the day go by much faster. I also made black-bottomed cupcakes and oatmeal lace cookies for work and people seemed to like them.

What was a low point of your last week?  
I started getting sick last Tuesday with some sort of stomach/head cold thing and I made it til Thursday without it just taking me down. Had to take a few days of laying on the couch in a comforter cocoon and watching many, many Netflix documentaries but am finally feeling normal again.

Coolest things found on the internetz lately: 
More people look for love at Wal-Mart: No really, just read the comments section.
Nathan Ripperger, Dad, Makes Posters Out Of The Crazy Things He Says To His Kids

What about y'all, any kitchen or week reflections you want to share? Anything else random going on in the world?

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