Friday, June 7, 2013

Fast Forward Friday

I feel like time is just moving too fast! And, I also feel like I say that pretty much every blog post. I have yet to fully accept that it is actually summer despite the 70 and 80 degree weather that we here in the Pacific NW have been having. My world right now consists of keeping myself busy, working out, and applying to jobs while enjoying free refills at Starbucks. Not having a schedule every day is making me lose my mind a little but I am trying to enjoy Portland on a low-to-nil budget and I have good ideas for the week ahead.

A few things from this week:

Best Food Cart Discovery: Native Bowl

This place is SO freakin' tasty! I would love to bottle that peanut sauce and put it on everything. The bowls come in a cute little take out container which means you can save some for later. I enjoyed the "Broadway" bowl which had tofu, cabbage, scallions, black and white sesame seeds, jasmine rice, and the aforementioned peanut sauce. I was so full that I didn't have to eat until after my little First Thursday adventure.

Best First Thursday Event: Urban Adventure Runs through Fit Right Northwest

My friend, Brittney, and I went a few years ago and I was so SO excited to be back in the area to do this again. Last night's attendance was around 700 people! The mission is to run around to these specified businesses and grab raffle tickets. You can go as far out as you want but you must be back to the starting line by 7pm (starts at 6pm) to enter your raffle tickets to win these amazing prizes. They gave away Garmins, race entries, free shoes and other running gear. They also give our random free stuff like t-shirts, socks, and food products and BEER form Lompoc Brewing.

And....I won a free pair of Brooks running shoes! I haven't gotten new shoes for three years (eep!) and so this was perfect timing. I plan to be one of the cool kids and pick out some neon kicks.

Best New Summer Treat: Starbucks Lemon Cake Pop

Seriously, I love lemon. I love it all the time but during the summer, there is something about the freshness and lightness is that is really appealing. The bonus of the cake pops are that they are usually around 150 calories, 7 grams of fat and just the perfect 2-3 bite treat.

Favorite Park in Portland for a Weekday Chill Session: Laurelhurst Park

I really forgot about this place until I was heading to dinner on Wednesday night and went right up Burnside. The area is gorgeous already but the park is truly this getaway within the city. There is a small lake and plenty of picnic benches to hang out at. I grabbed some nibbles from New Seasons and ate lunch here while catching up on my reading and it was a much needed sunshine fix.

Most Excited For: Portland Farmer's Market

I think I may be addicted to farmer's markets. I find that everything just looks so much more fresh and exciting than in an artificially lit grocery store which means I want to be more creative in my cooking and try things I would not normally even consider like pattypan squash or kohlrabi or fiddleheads.


  1. I just signed up Andy and I for the run in July. Wooo!

    1. Yay!! So glad you are going. I love these events!!