Friday, June 21, 2013

Movie, Movie, Movie

It is the summer time (officially) which means some awesome movies are coming out! Just in the last week I saw:

Man of Steel
I think that Henry Cavill is an amazing human specimen. This man is so perfectly built that it can be incredibly distracting. Despite that, I thought the movie was pretty well done. I am a Marvel comics girl myself but had to go see this to know what everyone else was talking about. Great storyline that really explains everything so well that you feel an real connection with Clark. I thought the fighting scenes were a bit too long and unnecessary but it goes with the territory.

This is the End
How could I not see this movie? Tons of guest stars, a ridiculous premise, and based in one of my new favorite towns, Los Angeles, this was exactly what it appears to be: ridiculous and amazing. I have new love for all of the main characters as they are essentially playing parodies of themselves. Even better is that I didn't find James Franco nearly as creepy as I did in Oz. Everyone should see this for the sheer hilarity.

Now You See Me
I've been waiting to see this since I first saw the preview. Amazing actors and a really cool idea about magicians being crooks but all for a good reason. I think Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg are the best characters, making you both love and hate them, and I didn't like Mark Ruffalo nearly as much as I normally do. Great movie, really well done.


Bonus is that the local Regal theater near me has $5 Tuesday and since I have a rewards card, I also get $2 popcorn that day. Such a great deal! I splurged today by going to a matinee and buying popcorn but it was my reward for making progress on my job searches and also surviving whatever crazy ass bug I have been infected with for the past two weeks.

Other movies that I am so, so excited to see in the next few months:

Much Ado About Nothing (Two words: Joss Whedon)

Monsters University (Finally!)

Red 2  (Bruce Willis! Helen Mirren!)

Despicable Me 2

The Wolverine


The Butler (Seriously amazing cast)

Any movies y'all are excited to see?


  1. I seriously love Jesse Eisenburg!!! Can't wait to see it!!

    1. You will love it then! He is a pretty amazing actor.