Thursday, July 25, 2013

East to West: Day Four Recap

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I almost forgot that I went to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico! Let's break this down then, shall we?

6:00 am Head to Carlsbad Caverns, a two hour drive from Hobbs, NM
8:00 am Carlsbad Caverns tour of one of the larger caves then go exploring
11:30 am Lunch and souvenir shopping
12:00 pm On the road to Sierra Vista, AZ
8:30 pm Arrive at my friend's house!

I was considering stopping in the Redwoods in northern California as one of my outdoor exploration activities but that ended up being almost an eight hour detour and at the end of the trip so I used Road Trippers to look around for interesting places on my route. I was so SO excited to see that Carlsbad, NM wasn't too far off from my trip (the reason I stayed in Hobbs was because it was cheaper than the options right near Carlsbad). I signed up for one of the tours, had a wonderful time, and then explored a bit on my own so I had time to take pictures. Note to potential visitors: It is a CHALLENGE to get a good picture!

King's Palace--Absolutely stunning
At one point, they turn the lights of in a section of the cave so you can imagine what it was like for those that first explored the caves. This is pure blackness; you cannot see your hand in front of your face but you can hear the dripping of water from the ceiling. This wiki is actually a great summary of everything. 

After this, it was hard to want to get back in the car and on the road but it meant that I got to see my friend so after lunch, I went back into Texas via El Paso then back into New Mexico and then, finally, Arizona! Nothing terribly exciting on my trip except for a border patrol crossing...
Some state signs... 

And a really pretty train with vibrant colors...

And, finally, a gorgeous sunset as I take the exit off the freeway...

Oh! And one last funny thing to share....

Apparently when you are 800 feet below in a cave, your phone thinks it's 1980. Who would have thunk? (It was also 8:45 am and a Sunday, if I remember correctly)

Up next: Arizona & California (Cue the TuPac & Dre!)

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