Sunday, July 14, 2013

East to West: Day Three

Day One Recap 
Day Two Recap

Day Three! I think I may finally get these finished this week while I have some stability in both schedule and attention span.

Day three goes a little something like this:
8:30 AM Breakfast with the friends at Furr's Fresh Buffet 
9:30 AM Head to Fort Worth Stockyards and arrive just in time for the cattle drive
12:00 PM Start the longest drive ever into New Mexico 
.....feel like it's the end of the world.....
5:00 PM Arrive in Hobbs, NM
5:30 PM Shower, eat a meal of tuna & olives on crackers
8:30 PM Sweet sleep

This was the longest stretch of the trip where there really wasn't much to see. Texas is big. Like, you realize that is a huge state and where the bigger cities are located but you really feel as though west Texas may never end. When I saw the New Mexico sign, I just about cried! I was so relieved to finally be in the SW and closer to civilization.

Oh! And the breakfast buffet at Furr's that morning? Amazing! You never know what you will get with buffets but this had everything and I was able to get some delicious grits, eggs, and bacon which held me over until I needed a restroom/stretch leg/wake up/coffee break a few hours later.

The stop at the Fort Worth Stockyards was similar to Graceland in that I figured I probably would never be  in the area again and I can stop and see some cattle and cowboys (done and done). It was a very hot day so I didn't stay too long but I think I was able to get in a sufficient experience. The cattle drive, occurs twice each day, was very cool to see! These are truly beautiful, strong animals.

After walking around town and seeing a few more big sights, I hit the road.
There was a lot of highway and dry grass.

New Mexico! 

Upon getting into Hobbs, NM, my stop for the night, I got super turned around. People, this is a SMALL TOWN! I couldn't figure out how I could miss a gigantic hotel so I stopped into a gas station and asked the attendant who gave me directions in Spanish. Thankfully, I remembered my directional Spanish words from 9th grade and was able to verify and finally arrive at Fairfield Inn & Suites Hobbs right at dinner time. Gorgeous hotel! Although I was surrounded by food places, the only thing I cared about was a hot shower and a comfortable bed.
Again, this was the most exhausting and cranky day of the entire trip (although my parking ticket later made me cranky, too) so I was happy to have survived!

Up next: Getting to see my best friend and her new baby!

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