Monday, December 28, 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

On Friday, my mom and I went to see Avatar 3D at Cinetopia, very fancy. It was a unique experience being that my mother hasn't been to a movie in over a decade and it was both of our first 3D movies. I had previously had no interest in seeing it but it turned out to be a good option.

Saturday was my family's technical Christmas Day. My brother, his girlfriend and her son came over for dinner. The food was yum (I have a great love of pork products) and then we opened presents. My brother's girlfriend is a bit older and so her son is four years younger than me and very much the preppy Portland guy but nice nonetheless. He always brings a regular bottle of wine while my mother prefers the Arbor Mist wines. I needed to relax so I enjoyed quite a bit of both over the night. I was thoroughly spoiled this season (perhaps out of pity) and received great craft and paint supplies as well as two very cozy blankets. It was a successful day and I even got my family to play Cranium with me instead of our usual watching a movie/napping after dinner. I say it was a very nice night.

I am excited that 2010 is just around the corner, I should say, or over the hump. I don't typically make new year's "resolutions" because I believe that setting goals for yourself should never be because society deems it a time of renewal but I have some major goals I want to achieve earlier this year and so it comes at the right time. I can go back to my no chocolate rule and hopefully get a job now that another temp position fell through. There are lots of little goals I am setting as well so even if I have a bad week, at least I will have achieved something on my list.

Hope everyone is excited for the new year upon us! I know many who have some very significant things happening this year so it should bring lots of joys and adventures.

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