Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Movies

It really astounds me when a movie or television show can bring about such strong emotions. Whether they be laughter or sadness, these entertainment arenas really bring people together and show them what human life is about. It can be raw and upsetting or can rekindle your love of people and the world. It can make you realize that maybe the world isn't so bad. It can also make you forget about your own life and bring you into a world of characters that have amazing adventures or can defy the laws of our universe.

As I am going through "transition" phase right now, I often splurge on going to movies. Sometimes it is a not so guilty pleasure as I try and take in as many movies at the $2-4 theaters but there is something quite satisfying about seeing a new movie in an almost empty theater on a weekday. I have once been lucky enough to have an entire theater to myself for the viewing of "Zombieland" (Excellent movie, by the way). I tell myself that spending $6.50-8 is okay because it makes me feel ten times better when I leave. So far I have had some excellent options to choose from as well:

(NOTE: All images from Fandango.com)


Twilight: New Moon


The September Issue

Coming up, I just might have to see these:
Coco Before Chanel


Fantastic Mr. Fox


Did you hear about the Morgans?

Sherlock Holmes

Everybody's Fine

The Lovely Bones

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Plus there is always the possibility of repeats at the cheap theaters.


  1. I'm really excited for the September Issue to come out on DVD. I don't care for movie theaters, so I usually wait until films come out on DVD.

  2. if you love movies do u have netflix? i LOVE them. they also stream live for alot of their movies and its so cheap...did i mention i love it?lol

  3. Yes! I have netflix and take advantage of the online movies often!

  4. I've got to see these movies too! Can't wait!