Saturday, January 30, 2010


One of my best days since moving up to Vancouver thus far. Since I actually have a job (ie. money coming in) I allowed myself to go get some basics before I start. I have a horrid (yet hot)shoe collection that is 65% awesome heels, 15% random sandals and 20% sneakers. I also am lacking in the feminine support garments and a proper purse that is large enough to carry my lunch and a book but not so big that it could be confused with a diaper bag.

Here is my haul from the day:
--Dark Chocolate M&Ms (yep, chocolate)
--Small sugar bowl (clearance, $1.49)
--Ivory Cardigan (lost mine about three years ago, devastating, really, $4.98)
--Matching Ivory Shell (never to be warn together for fear of looking too squeaky, $3.24)
--Women's "support garments" (same style and brand, one from Target, one from Ross, $16.99 & $4.99, respectively)
--Walking Cradles flats (possibly old lady wear but cute and comfy beyond belief, $4.99)
--Clarks grey slip-on sneakers (link is similar to these but in brown, huge splurge but so comfy and NW-style, $24.99
--Silver and ivory ring (big and simple, $4.99)
--Black pants (slightly shorter to wear with flats and nice butt contour, $9.99)
--Aforementioned Bongo Purse (black with tan stitching,other significant splurge, $14.99)

I say that, all in all, a very successful day of shopping. I wanted to include
prices to show people what my kind of shopping is like. I scrounge every clearance and sale rack and look through everything just in case there is a deal hidden somewhere. I like that I get more excited over a $1.49 sugar bowl than I would over a $50 anything anyday. The only reason I even allowed myself to go shopping is that my snazzy Oregon refund would just about cover my spending for today.

I also talked to one of my favorite people in the world today after a long hiatus (my fault, of course). I realized that I probably painted a fairly pathetic picture of
my life right now. I started thinking about my "position" in the world right and that I am in the "holding pattern." After comparisons to mold, bacteria and stagnant water were made, I also talked about opportunities in the future that I just need to wait for (sunshine!). I finally have a job that is not only with a great organization but I am also earning money for school and adding to my background of education and outreach. I am waiting to hear back from grad schools but if those happen to fall through, I have plan C which is actually a pretty awesome opportunity in itself.

I think I see myself as the "vicitim" sometimes in relation to my current life status. As I described to my friend, I was on one path and then I was pushed off course and so something I had been planning on was now no where in sight. I had to regroup and think about how to get back to a place where I could be happy. Ah, the elusive happiness.

So now that I do have a job, I have some sort of structure that I can count on. I see the next few months as road signs pointing me where to go.I like to think that there is some sort of higher power that helps guide us where we should be. If only it were that easy and if only I could believe my own beliefs! I have to have faith that there is something much greater out there for me so as long as I am consistently moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other, I am doing my part.

To recap:

Wonderful shopping and purchases (AND rarely any annoying or rude people)
Great chat with dear friend
My cheery-poppy CD playing in the car all day
Leftover pizza from last night's celebratory Pizza Hut delivery
Snacking on M&Ms while watching Project Runway soon to come