Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Non Haiku to Television

The entire series of The Office.
Made my way back through the good times of
Sex and the City and Gilmore Girls.
Slightly ashamed of the fact that I made it through
a season of The Hills in one night.
Slowly reminiscing about the days of Grey's Anatomy
and if I had my way, I would include
Private Practice and The Ghost Whisperer.

I have made quite the mighty stride in
my television watching with being thrown in the
crazy whirlpool that is my life.
The spin cycle isn't changing much; just
the same clothes that keep spinning
not much to tell.

Playing the waiting game and making slow revelations.
How funny that television and movies
can make you reconsider your way of thinking
and believing in faith.

Faith, such a HUGE word. Huge.
It doesn't mean religion or judgment or
prejudice. It is the faith that we have
in something bigger than ourselves.
Some people don't have the ability to look
outside of themselves and see the world
from another point of view.
Faith can help sometimes, it can help us see
the little things that are truly important.
I have such envy of people who have faith in something.
I know that there is something bigger out there.
Whether that be God, Buddha, a karmic quartet or
just the weather, there has to be something
larger than just us.

It gives us a reason to keep trying when
even our own hopes are dashed.
It gives us some belief that good things
will happen, even if we may not deserve them.

These television shows have writers who create drama
and know how to solve it.
They are not perfect packages as to best
resemble life. There is always
a thread of a storyline that we can relate to.
The crappy ex or the major life changes.
The inability to make a decision or bad storms.
As always, bad fashions and good drinks.

Maybe television isn't so bad after all
if it provides relief from our mundane, monotonous,
beige problems and puts things into perspective.

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