Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Outstanding October? Nuzzle November?

I forgot about Outstanding October! I did this post last month detailing a few of the things I wanted to achieve over the 31 days. How did I do?

1. Embrace Halloween in more ways than candy corn. I wasn't as festive but I did participate in an office competition to make the best most "scary" treat. I won second place even! Very exciting.

 The 2nd place winner? Punkin' Gut Cups (aka Pumpkin Pie Cups). Mmmmm......They turned out wonderfully and were really easy to make. I might make them for the November birthday celebration, too!

2. Volunteer. I wanted to attend the volunteer workshop at Pawmetto Lifeline but missed the cut-off. I still want to though! I might try and make time during the holidays for smaller opportunities, possibly helping local families and children.

3. Shake up the wardrobe. I bought a coat and some cute bright blue skinny jeans from Forever 21. This was a splurge! Haven't worn them yet but I swear, soon! I also finally wore this tight, black jersey skirt (they only have striped ones now apparently?) and it is not only comfortable but incredibly flattering and comfortable. And it was only $8 at Old Navy on clearance!

Oh, and I dyed my hair a vibrant red color. Love it! I was inspired by the lovely Gretchen.

4. Participate in a blogger recipe challenge. I blame this on the sickness. I made yummy oatmeal raising breakfast cookies (posting the recipe and pictures soon) but then was so exhausted that I never did the post in the alloted time. Oh well, this month perhaps.

5. Read five books. BOOM.

And what about November? Nuzzle was the only word that made sense in the most abstract of ways.

The definition of nuzzle: 
  1. Rub or push against gently with the nose and mouth
  2. Lean or snuggle against.
This might be a stretch but with the holidays and colder weather, this is totally doable!

1. Spend time around animals. I am going to cat-sit for my friend while she and her boyfriend are out of town. Honestly, how could I turn down two black and white kittens and cable television? Best Thanksgiving plans.

2. Embrace the holidays slowly but surely. I find the holidays difficult for a few reasons but I always try and make the best out of them. I will make a lovely Thanksgiving meal (leftovers!) and a dessert or two, we have a Pinterest potluck at work that I am super excited about and I want to start the holiday shopping so that I can spread it out over the next month. I rarely ever have money this time of year but I LOVE, LOVE buying presents for people. Little gifts full of love.  I also plan to go to some of the local festivities!

3. Keep in close contact with friends and family. I need to stay on top of emails a lot better but also make time for phone dates. 

4. Take great care of myself. Sounds easy, right? I wrote up a list of 10 things I want to make habit (remember, it takes 21 days to make something a habit!) and these are all very simple, achievable things but things that are easy to forget when I am curled up on the couch all comfy or have a ridiculous craving for warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies at 11pm.

What will you do to make the most of November?

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