Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Use It or Lose It

Brain rattles for the week...

Deliciousness is actually a word. It seems like one of those cutesy (like this word) that girls use to describe things they like. I also use these words cause tasty and yummy really lose their effectiveness after a while.

de·licious·ness n.
Synonyms: delicious, ambrosial, delectable, luscious, scrumptious, toothsome, yummy 
These adjectives mean very pleasing to the sense of taste: a delicious pâté; ambrosial fruit salad; delectable raspberries; luscious chocolate bonbons; a scrumptious peach; a toothsome apple; yummy fudge.

WalMart workers to strike over working Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Normally, I just feel bad for the workers who have to have to leave the Thanksgiving table early to go to work and make a living. I try to be as nice to them as possible, making polite conversation and thanking them for working said holiday. This year though, I feel a moral dilemma of whether to support the fact that there is no longer a "Black Friday" but instead a "Let's open an entire day early just to be more competitive with any other store and sell as much as possible." I feel like it is one thing to get up early, go line up outside a store in your pajamas, and get good deals; it was more a tradition and pretty hilarious. Now it has come to people being trampled, injured, and, in some cases, even killed...and all over material goods that will most likely be on sale at the same price at another time! It makes me feel sad that holidays are less about tradition, reflection, and family but is now focused on material goods that, let's face it, most people don't need. I know a lot of my friends are struggling with the same dilemma; want to get their kids or family members something that they will love but take into account a very tight budget, especially since the economy has been struggling for quite a while now.

It makes sense why these sales are so fantastic and eventful; definitely serving a purpose to offer discounted items that are in great demand. For most retailers, this is the biggest sales weekend of the year! It is just something to consider this year; take a moment, think about the importance of the gifts you are giving, and treat each other with respect, patience, and consideration when you go hunting for those bargain deals.

I have the most random food vices this week: deep dish chocolate chip cookie and salt & vinegar baked chips.Ugh, I feel gross. Thinking I will enjoy the Thanksgiving foods then call it a cleanse til Christmas rolls around (and hopefully I'm not rolling around like Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka).

I am kitty-sitting for Thanksgiving! Despite the "aww" faces I keep getting when I say I am spending Thanksgiving alone, I am actually okay with it AND was looking forward to it since it meant that I would get some kitten time (two of them!) and a huge TV with cable. I love being around animals again, even though apparently I got really use to having big dogs around versus teeny, tiny kittens (Currently they are in/on/around my lap!).

Honestly, it doesn't take much to make me happy. Bonus: turkey and cranberry sandwiches for at least a week! 

An extra bonus of this week, I got to see some students (well, friends, really!)I worked with during my internship that are currently GA's on campus AND my internship boss also stopped in to my office this morning! It was such a great, great surprise to see some friendly faces and catch-up. Definitely what I needed this week

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