Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

I am feeling strong and blessed this week. I am ramping up in energy and confidence and trying to get things in order. Despite not having a job yet, I am looking forward to networking with professionals in my area and also focusing on my health. I guess it is kind of that broken record, or, in other words, the never ending struggle to do what is best for us rather than what is easiest.

Boy, that was a bit heavier than I imagined! So, let's move on to some fun stuff!

Friday Favorites! 
1. The finale of Project Runway. I won't dare say any spoilers but, oh yeah, I am so excited with how everything ended. The clothes were GORGEOUS and I was so impressed by all four of the designers. And next up, the Project Runway All-Stars!

2. The new show, Million Dollar Shoppers, which airs right after PR. Has anyone seen this show? It is ridiculous and very indulgent. Basically, rich people are too busy to shop for themselves so they hire these people to give them a bunch of options for events or special nights out. I would think the advantage of being so rich is to be able to buy anything you want...yourself! But that might just be my poor person mentality talking.

3. Anthem Ciders. I first tried the traditional apple cider and pear flavor at the Portland State University Farmer's Market and was instantly hooked. These aren't too sweet and have a nice, crisp flavor. While at Hopworks the other night, they had the cherry cider on the menu and I couldn't pass it up. The cherry had a bit more sour note but was still very light and refreshing. Bonus that they are located just an hour away in Salem, Oregon.

4. The Fall. My absolute favorite season and I feel like I am rediscovering Portland with all of the great events happening. There is a pumpkin patch and apple tasting happening this weekend and a Christmas-themed 5k already in the works. We also have the perfect weather right now; cold in the morning and absolutely perfect, light sweater weather in the afternoons.

5. This professor's response to a student's less than intelligent (we assume) question.

6. This list that will make ALL of us feel a bit more normal. I especially enjoyed #7, 10, 27, and 36.

7. Elle the Pit Bull Named 2013 Hero Dog! No doubt that I love pit bulls and feel that they always get a bad rap and things like this, examples in the community like Elle, really help shine a positive light on the entire breed.

8. Tina from Carrots 'n' Cake did a great example of a WOD (Crossfit talk for Workout of the Day) and for some reason it finally made me "get" what Crossfit was! It seemed like a very basic, non-intimidating workout and also like it could kick your ass. I might try doing some home WODs and then eventually go to a box. (Oh, here's a proper Crossfit Dictionary to explain all these things!)

9. Giving a little shout-out to one of my favorite blogs, Dishing Up the Dirt. This husband and wife farmer duo show the hard work it takes to maintain their farm and also show you delicious and simple recipes. What I love most about the recipes is that they are seasonal, fresh, and seem like anyone could make them. Beet Pesto Pizza with Goat Cheese? Chanterelle Mushroom and Kale Salad with Lime-Tahini Sauce? Oh yum.

10. I don't know if I am allowed to "favorite" this but I hit 700 followers on my Pinterest this week! It may seem like small beans but if you remember, my goal was 1,000 by the end of the year. I don't know if I'll reach that goal but it is the little things in life that you have to celebrate as well. w00t w00t!

What is one of your favorites today?


  1. Just added Dishing Up the Dirt to my feedly page and I love it! Can I move to the country and grow food for a living? It looks so simple, but I'm sure takes a daily dedication to work the land every day.

    1. She does make it look simple and so satisfying! I wish I could just buy from the farmer's market so it would almost be like living on a farm but without all that hard work.