Tuesday, October 29, 2013

November Challenge

I love Run, Eat, Repeat. She is sassy and tells it like it is. She is also a BIG fan of watermelon, which I totally support. Every year, she does the Pile on the Miles challenge and this year, I decided to join!

The jist: set a goal of miles or minutes to achieve for November and then commit to it.
As you can see, I have committed to 50 miles this month! I don't think this will be too hard of a challenge but there is an awesome vacation to see my friend and a holiday thrown in there that might give me a run (haha) for my miles.

To help aid in reaching my goal, I registered for a great 5k already called Run for the Hole! Yes it is doughnut related but more importantly, all registration fees go to the Providence Cancer Research Center. They helped my mom by providing free wigs and accessories while she was battling cancer and I know how much they have affected others lives as well.

Another little helper in reaching my goal is my FitBit. This little device tracks everything and while I haven't been connecting it to the website that tracks my progress, I will start (at least) writing down my mileage per day. It has been so great to see how active I am (or am not).

Now, I'm just hoping the weather holds out until Sunday!

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