Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tying & Flying

Hello all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the week so far! I can't believe it is already November AND the world has officially gone in to the holiday swing. I was at Starbucks on November 1st and their red cups were out in force. That must mean it is truly the best time of the year! I am fully against the whole Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving deal but I can't help but get excited by the sparkly lights, hot apple cider, and gift shopping.
In the spirit of brevity and updating, here are my 10 things of the moment:

1. I am obsessed with these. I made them for my man friend's work and also brought them to a little game party and they were a huge hit. I always forget how good they are until I have the first one and then...oh yeah...I remember.

2. My electronics (laptop and phone) plotted against me this week. My laptop got a weird bug and my phone is slowly dying. I don't appreciate their lack of working and my dependence on them.

3. So that 5k I mentioned before? Didn't happen. Weird stomach bug put me down for the count for the whole weekend. I was very, very bummed but at least the money went to a good cause. I did make up for it by signing up for another 5k next weekend: The Ugly Sweater Run.
4. I am getting ready for my trip to Arizona! I leave tomorrow for a very long weekend with one of my closest friends, the cutest little kids, and tamales.

5. As excited as I am for the holidays, things are going to be weird this year. I am trying to give myself plenty of understanding that this is just going to be a little rough as it is my first holiday season without my mom. I have been away for three Christmases and while we always sent huge care packages to each other, I missed being with my family.

6. I may be having a greater attachment to Pinterest now that the holiday season is here. When it gets colder, I always want to cook and bake up a storm AND I love buying presents for people. To help me not weigh 800 pounds or be broke by the end of the year, I like going on there and planning out what I want to do. I also like pinning clothes and accessories that I can't afford--just like window shopping!

7. Speaking of food, I am trying to fall in love with soup. I am sort of "eh" about soup as a primary food (as opposed to soup with sandwich, soup with huge piece of delightful carb) but recipes like Spaghetti and Meatball Soup, Winter Minestrone, and Cheesy Vegetable Chowder, I might be changing my mind.

8. It is amazing how easy it is to assume the weather you have goes for everyone else. Here in Portland, rain has officially settled upon the city and I just assume (which you know what that does) that everyone has cold, rainy days. Not so! When I lived in South Carolina, I was shocked that there was blue sky every day in the middle of winter. In the Mid West, they are getting snow!

9. Has anyone seen this show, "Alaska Women Looking for Love?" It is totally ridiculous but not outrageous which is why I really like it. These Alaskan women go to Miami looking for love and meet some men, go on some dates, get makeovers, and now we are at the point where the women decide to take the men back to Alaska or stay in Miami or something in between. I just wonder what the men think when the ladies ask them to come to Alaska.

10. These are so freakin' yummy. I grabbed some for a friend and also picked up a butterscotch one for myself. Best 80 cents I spent yesterday.

Ok...please share! What is one thing going on in YOUR life?


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    1. Let me know which ones you like and I'll send you some!