Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cliches and Molecules

Why yes, yes I DO feel like a chicken with my head cut off! I truly wish it were my feet that I could cut off instead of the head since that seems to be working much better.

Why must men be the ones that get the comfortable footwear? I am in dire need to understand why women's shoes are quite so uncomfortable. I don't see Aerosoles making stilettos. It's a sign. Now, if every woman wore really comfortable, ugly shoes, I could easily pick up 10 pairs. Today, one hellish hour in a shoe store, one expensive pair of shoes that I can only hope will be my savior. Perhaps I was never meant to be fashionable. Something to ponder as I sleep tonight.

Another odd happenin' for last night's shopping trip: One pair of shoes by a fancy, reputable maker that was pricier. Same design and style of shoe at Target (Tar-jay, if need be) for half the price. I will SEE who comes out on top but let's hope that I didn't spend my brilliant Americorps living stipend on crap shoes. Ugh, sorry, just needed to vent about shoes and pain....agony!

In other more interesting news, yesterday I was able to attend the tour of Reed College's Nuclear Reactor. Oh my! It was actually pretty cool when you can look down in the 25 feet deep chamber of water and see the glowing blue lights. I was all about being a nerd and learning why we have nuclear power, why it is a good source of energy (Good job, France!) and what happens with neutrons go all crazy bonkers and instead of bouncing off other molecules, get bigger and multiple (Hello, Chernobyl). One wacky ex-AP Physics professor was definitely giving these poor undergraduate fellas a run for their money. He was launching into how the Russian nuclear engineers were criminals and should have worked in coal mines instead of being put in prison. Nice fella, a little loose in the nuts and bolts though.

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