Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent & Balance

Everyone and their mother are giving up something for Lent. Whether you are Catholic or not, Lent tends to be folded into everyones' plans this time of year. There is the straight gluttony from Halloween through New Year's and then the resolutions come and go and then Valentine's Day candy is here. Lent can be a way to refocus what we had set out to do earlier in the year or just to challenge ourselves.

In September, I gave up chocolate. Did pretty well, too. Then came Christmas and since then, I have indulged here or there. The worst was over the last two weeks with stress and temptation of chocolate dressed up in red and pink foil or a cute M&M package. Evil, I say.

So now that Lent is upon me, I can restart my "no chocolate" deal and add something to the mix: no meat. Unfortunately, I thought about the second part of this pact with myself later in the day after I had already eaten my crazy veggie-chicken pizza from last night. I think I will allow myself to eat what is left of the pizza for lunch tomorrow and then call it good until my birthday. I rarely eat meat as it is so this can be an extra test of my skills. I have become quite off balanced the past few weeks so it is time to step it up.

Speaking of off balance, I am currently having issues with balance. Yesterday, I began feeling this weird spinning sensation, which I thought was due to dehydration or low blood sugar (my typical culprits) but then it continued and continued. I had to call in sick today because I felt I was more a liability than an active worker. I am having trouble walking and only seem to feel relief when I lay down and close my eyes. Even after a great night's sleep, something wasn't right. I am going to see how tomorrow goes and then call a doctor if I need to. I have health insurance now (no way!) so I can possibly afford to see a rare in my life. I was relying heavily on student health these past few years that the thought of having to scout out a doctor is a little scary. My biggest fear? Being the "sick girl" at work. I let it happen at my last job with stress and the passing flus and felt so weak and stupid because of it.


  1. vertigo? inner ear dealy? hopefully you're resting and feeling betters soon!

  2. We will see tomorrow! I have an appt to see what is up--better safe than sorry. My boss is letting me work from home tomorrow so I am incredibly lucky.