Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick Post

I started a new job this week and after my first five days, I can tell that I love it there but it will have its stressful moments. Good stress, but there is always something to work on or think about. I have to retire that fact that in my former capacity as an Americorps member, we were always going in as newbies and treated as such. In this position, I need to get with program and quickly become an expert at organizing my thoughts and coordinating events. Also, I am learning how to use Microsoft Outlook and although it is an easy application, it does take time to get used to using the calender function, scheduling things in detail, and maintaining constant and clear communication. Luckily, the office and women I work with are awesome and easy to be around so that makes things much easier.

Another thing that I have to get used to: getting fancy dressed! Making up outfits that I can feel comfortable in and be fairly fashionable it a little difficult. Being a chunky girl in an office of average-sized women can be a little intimidating. It is funny but there is complete truth in the statement that we dress for others rather than for ourselves and BOTH guys and girls do it. We dress to impress other women because we want approval from our own "groups." There are some days that I love my outfits and others that I relish the day that I could go to work in jeans. I am very comfortable in my cardigan and tank top combos since I can buy pieces and group them together in endless combinations. Pants is another struggle but I did find the greatest pair of black pants last weekend that will become a staple in my wardrobe. Goal #1 of this weekend is to search through my boxes and remember any other "office chic" items that I may have accidentally packed.

Also, I may venture into the world of tights and skirts. Oh God! What has this world come to?!?

The best thing I have done for myself so far this year is making some pretty good revelations about my weaknesses and then consistently striving to overcome them on a daily basis. Little things like "Just do it" (Yes, I finally understand the force behind Nike's motto) and internally pushing myself to get over my "issues" and just do an amazing job. Good grief, we all really do stand in our own ways. Funny how that happens, isn't it? (ok, not funny ha-ha but funny ironic). Don't cha think?

(Cue Alanis Morrisette)


  1. The world of tights and skirts/dresses is so much better than pants. When I was pregnant I wore nothing but dresses and skirts, and now I'm hooked. Dresses are the best, because they take little thought to put on, but you look very pulled together. I wish I would have learned that earlier. I wear leggings with mine though. I'm always bending over, and I don't want to cause a scene ;)

  2. Well you can rock that combo very well! I will try and be brave through this fashion endeavor. I really need to get shoes that are comfy and go with dresses too!