Monday, August 23, 2010

Foods Knowledge

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Monsanto is evil. If you haven't seen this documentary, Food Inc., then you need to immediately. Among other things (Tyson is evil as well) you will also learn about Monsanto and its supreme power over the food industry. I had a class that went over in detail about Monsanto's use of Roundup (a supposedly safe herbicide) and how they have changed our foods for the worse.

This article at Huffington Post talks about rBGH, a artificial hormone that certain cows are pumped full with that is then passed on to use through dairy products. Some companies do not use cows that with rBGH while others are still continuing to use them. I had no idea it was such a big issue but I do distinctively remember seeing on the Ben & Jerry's containers (while scarfing Coffee Heath Bar Crunch) that they had a whole blurb about their cows and rBGH. Pretty interesting stuff.

Anyway, some literal food for thought this morning.

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