Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Week!

I am totally turning my birthday into a week of activities which pretty much means anything cool or interesting I do is related to my birthday. I am NEVER normally like this but I am just in the spirit this year! Despite this also being the end of the semester and having major papers and projects do, I am in a great mood. It still is crazy to me that I am half way through grad school! I never thought I would be here.

It was 84 degrees yesterday here in Ypsilanti and I took it as a "trial" for what I will have to deal with in Florida. The difference being that inside it will be cooler rather than how it is now, for example, in my office, all warm and humid. My hair is also not enjoying this weather so much...I look all crazy ala Nick Nolte's mug shot. I am a little nervous about dealing with this kind of heat for three months!

Fun stuff today:

Donated blood! I haven't done it since last summer and I have been eating lots of meat and protein plus drinking lots of water so that I was able to donate today. It is one of the saddest things when you get in there and they won't let you! I even got a free t-shirt and the nurse thought I was just so cute and nice and very much a "pro" at this donating blood thing.

Presented my academic poster on ethnography (ugh!) tonight and we had pizza (from the professors) and I made carrot cupcakes plus brought candy in the theme of my student group that I observed, the Astronomy Club. I brought mini Milky Ways and Starburst. It was much more relaxed than everyone was thinking it would be and was so much fun to just talk with everyone. I really love my grad school peeps! Some of us dressed up-I figured it would help with my presentation a bit.

Movie to watch: "Morning Glory"
I was going to watch this last night but the time got away from me and instead I read one of the new books I got over the weekend.

My last Fast Track. It is a day when freshman students and their parents come to campus, tour, hear from different departments and register for classes. I won't be there the whole day (no cookie for me!) but it is a fun way to break up the monotony of being in the office.

Wednesday: EPICNESS! And, an oil change.

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