Friday, April 29, 2011

To Do or Not To Do

This is how my week has felt! I am surprised I even managed to make it til Friday. I think the decision to buy donuts for the office on Tuesday helped me look forward to Friday even more. Despite having a difficult week, I am now starting a "transition" week where my only job is to complete my extensive to-do list of things. All of these are in some form related to my leaving for three months and although I am not leaving the planet, I might as well be!

Just a sample of the fun things on my list....
  • Take care to DMV to get a "safety inspection" since DEQ doesn't exist in Michigan and yet I need it to renew my Oregon car tags. Confusing, right? 
  • Mother's Day gift to be sent before I leave
  • Vacuum, scrub, and was my car before leaving it in a friend's garage for three months
  • Shopping! (Ok, this really is a fun one but my list is HUGE)
  • Clean. Ugh. I despite cleaning the toilet, tub, and sink. It's worse than putting away the laundry. 
  • Eye exam. I swear my eyesight is getting worse because of school! (or just old age...)
  • Figure out how to buy or IF I should buy an iPod
And the list actually keeps going. As I sat completing a huge stack of paperwork the other day I realized little things I needed to get done so I started making a list in Google then went home and looked at the paper list I had already been compiling. I do believe I am up to 30 individual tasks that need to be completed before Thursday evening. 

Today I started throwing random things in a corner with my luggage and new summer clothes. This pile shall be what I eventually end up packing and bringing with me. How many pairs of shoes is TOO many? I mean, I have to be prepared for everything, right??

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