Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reflecting on the Positive

This year has been challenging to say the least. I could list everything that has happened but

1) That would be pointless.
2) Everyone goes through things.
3) I'm still standing.

The outpouring of support through this last week has been overwhelming. I am not one who is accustomed to taking or asking for help so I am have been speechless for the most part. My brother and I both have some wonderful and caring people in our lives.

Earlier this year, I decided that despite the changes that were going to happen and the decisions that had to be made (relating mostly to job and moving), I was going to focus on the positive in my life. So, I went old school and kept a journal of something, ANYTHING that was good that happened each day. Some things are big (interview, phone date with a best friend, travel) and some are little (naps, iced coffee, avocado toasts) but I thought it might be fun to share a few of my highs thus far this year.

JANUARY 11: Clementines are delicious. 

JANUARY 25: New season of Project Runway. Made hummus quinoa cakes. Met with one of my ACE referral students to make sure he was getting back on track.

FEBRUARY 23: (At First Year Experience Conference in Orlando) Caught up with grad school friend while sitting by the pool in the sunshine. Lunch with O-Teamers--Wonderful! 

MARCH 15: Charleston! Just what I needed. Caught up with Avanti, too.

MARCH 20: Got great deals at EarthFare and two free pineapples! Listened to the Imagine Dragons CD. Found a parking spot. Started Homeland.

APRIL 19: New leaser/tenant as long as application is good and taking most of my furniture AND paying me for it. Megan made the best peanut butter cupcakes I've ever had. Janice sent me a birthday box with chocolate and a sweet, sweet note AND I got an email for a phone interview next week. Also got an excited email from Sarah and updated me on her life.

MAY 1: Delicious lunch and great women's leadership session on managing conflict. Epic nap. Mailed two more boxes home.

MAY 12: Amazing body scrub at Urban Nirvana! It felt so great to be pampered and then feel fresh and clean. Grabbed pita chips and pimento cheese before heading home to pack, clean, and donate to Goodwill. Made great progress!

JUNE 9: Mom made delicious spaghetti and garlic bread.

JUNE 23: Nice day with family on Hawthorne--ate at Whiffies' Fried Pies and window shopped.

JULY 11: Donated blood successfully. Did Urban Run with friends. Appointment for second interview at XXX college and Mom & I got huge milkshakes from Burgerville.

JULY 17: Mom did well with her first radiation treatment and we got milkshakes afterwards.

JULY 26: 90's Night at Holocene---so much fun!

AUGUST 4: Trek in the Park performance and picnic with friends. Very Portland thing to do! Jazz club with the boy later, which was great.

AUGUST 14: Hike with Brittney's crew to Gillette Lake. 5.8 miles and felt great afterwards!

AUGUST 22: Mom found peace and was no longer in pain.

What is one good thing that happened to you today?


  1. I awoke around 6:45am after about 10 hours of muchly needed rest. I then laid in bed for a few minutes before I got up and went for a run around the neighborhood while everything was still quiet.

    1. Oh good...that sounds like a great start to a day!