Friday, August 2, 2013

East to West: Days Five & Six

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I feel like this is dragging on forever (because it truly is) so this will be a quick and dirty representation of days five and six.

Day Five:
Spent the morning with the kiddos and then went to La Casita Restaurant with the family. Had ridiculously good fish tacos and then headed to Tucson for the night. I found a cheap little hotel so that I could make some progress westward and also grabbed some Tucson Tamale Company tamales because I heard they were ridiculously tasty (which they were).

Beautiful cemetery at dusk

One vegan & one vegetarian
Day Six:
Early the next morning, I mentally prepared for the long drive ahead to Los Angeles. It was a beautiful drive through Arizona and into California and once I arrived in Los Angeles, I was sweaty, tired, and ready to party!

Upon arriving in LA, I went straight to the Jimmy Kimmel Show where I was lucky enough to secure tickets to the taping, which started at 4pm. The guests were Ethan Hawke and "The Bachelorette" chick.The staff at the show were incredibly nice and funny and I don't think I have ever been told to laugh or clap so hard in my life (my hands actually hurt afterwards). Jimmy Kimmel is a very slim, handsome man in person!

After the show, I headed to my hotel, The Hotel Hollywood, unpacked, cleaned myself up, and then drove around town for a bit while I waited to hear back from my friend. Around 11pm, my friend, Kevin, came to pick me up and we went downtown for a drink. Downtown was pretty empty but still beautiful. We drank at a bar, talking and catching up, until closing and even had a celebrity sighting of Skrillex.

I crashed into bed, so happy to get some proper rest and ready to start the next day bright and early.

Next up: Santa Monica, crazy lady, and beautiful sights. I almost didn't want to leave LA!

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