Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brunch for Two

House sitting for a weekend provided me the opportunity to take advantage of an amazing kitchen stocked full with kitchen appliances and gadgets. Add in spices, baking supplies and a wide array of baking dishes, I was in heaven!

I wanted to make a brunch dish that I could eat for two mornings so I used a mix of recipes, halved them, and baked them in smaller Pyrex dishes like this:

In the rectangular dish:
cinnamon raisin bread-2 eggs-milk-cinnamon-allspice-salt-chopped apples-brown sugar-maple syrup

Mix the chopped up bread and apples and spread out in pan. Mix rest of ingredients and pour over bread mixture. Sprinkle brown sugar on top and pop in oven for 35minutes. Check on it to make sure its browning properly and pour some maple syrup over the top to soak in. Bake til lovely on top and done through and through. So delicious!

In round dish:
4 eggs-salsa-frozen bell pepper mix-mushrooms-olives-Mexican cheese mix-garlic-shallots

Mix the eggs til fluffy then throw all the rest of the stuff in there. Don't forget the S&P. Throw in the oven and bake til set. Yum! Very mexi-brunch like.

I think this has all the four food groups plus I added some sliced cantaloupe on the side and enjoyed everything with a cinnamon-orange tea.

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