Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tidbits & Nonsense

(found from a friend's Facebook, not sure where it came from)

This week is a struggle! After a great weekend where I did 6.5 miles at Forest Park and leisurely read at Laurelhurst Park (pictures coming), this week has not been kind to me. I will say that most of Monday was spent with dear friends walking around in the sunshine. Tomorrow is an Americorps day with workshops and seminars held at Portland State University that will most likely include some sort of bagel and iced coffee. I desperately need to survive until Saturday at least.

I had the most disturbing dream last night which when coupled with a slightly alarming phone call this morning makes me all sorts of disjointed today. My dream? It follows along the lines of being fully pregnant yet not believing it and driving around in a car with someone who was a close female (friend? sister?) at night. Hmph. I blame it on the many, many conversations I have had lately with people in my life.

I am so very, very ready for it to be August. You have no idea.

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