Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cat Sitting

I am now becoming quite the pet sitter in this town! I love it tremendously though and I have also seen what a wide range of housing options that I could potentially have in the future.

In April, I watched a dog at a condo in downtown Portland. It was a dream location (and a dream puppers). I had thought I might be a condo person because of my crazy fear of burglary and need for safety. Every place will have its drawbacks but I thought a condo would be pretty much the greatest option. I loved everything on one floor, the view was amazing and it was close to so many things downtown. Bonus, always have a parking spot!

I was cat sitting at my co-worker's house for three days and fell totally in love with it. Much of what I love is the actual style of the house (and the cat). The house is from the 1920's with the previous owners having done a lot of work with the moldings and floors. My co-worker and her husband redid the kitchen in the style of the 20's and left the brownish-orange carpeting that starts at the bottom of the stairs and continues to the bedrooms upstairs (I love it, btw). The bedrooms have slanted walls and are not spacious but incredibly comfortable and warm. They are strictly for sleeping: no closets, no junk, no TV. The technical master bedroom downstairs is used as a study and had the bathroom attached and a huge closet. The bathroom is my total fantasy bathroom as well (I have simple tastes). The floor is warmed (yay!) from the water pipes and they have painted it in a greyish purple color. The tile is all original and everything looks clean but like it has been here forever.
The layout of the house is open and simple. Windows are everywhere! Everyone who knows me knows that I have a crazy love of windows. Add in the porch that wraps around the front and you pretty much have my own little slice of heaven here in Portland.

I realize how simple my tastes are but I like it that way. I have never been a electronics gal and I prefer vintage and unique things to anything fancy from Pottery Barn. As I am searching for my new apartment in Ypsilanti, MI, I don't have the craziest expectations but it is all about the little things that will keep me happy.

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