Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bucket List: Portland Outdoors

I have a little less than two months left in the Portland area and each time I am able to take advantage of the adventure and culture of the city, I do! There are definitely things I want to see and do before I leave so little by little I have been able to whittle down my ever growing list.

A beautiful (and rare!) sunny day in Portland. I grabbed a delicious bagel & lox, iced tea, and cookie and had myself a little picnic at Laurelhurst Park. Reading outside is also pretty amazing...

Before hitting up Laurelhurst Park, I went on an excursion in NW Portland. I have always wanted to hike through Forest Park but never found the right time. I was looking at the huge houses when I saw signs pointing to Forest Park and decided that this was the time to go! I did about 6.5 miles through the trees and loved every minute of it.

Last but not least was finally FINALLY getting my pictures of St. Johns Bridge. I am pretty obsessed with bridges and since Portland has so many of them, I plan to get pictures of each one. My favorite is the Fremont Bridge but St. Johns Bridge has this amazing pull for me as well. Below the bridge is Cathedral Park where there are benches, a few metal sculptures and pier to walk out on to the water. I was there at about 9am on a Monday morning so it was quiet and ever so peaceful. I plan to go back again though!

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