Thursday, May 13, 2010

Self-inflicted therapy?

On my way home yesterday, I felt the need to just keep driving. I took a right, another right, then a left and I ended up in Woodburn. No, not for the outlet mall. I wanted to keep driving but as I saw my gas level lowering and I wasn't sure where else I would stop so that is where I ended up. I could have driven all night; it was just that kind of day.

I took 205 south to I-5 but the corridor between Clackamas and West Linn was particularly amazing. I could smell the flowers and the trees as I rolled my window down and let the fresh breeze in. The traffic was light and I smoothly launched on to I-5 and wasn't necessarily going towards anything. After my little shopping indulgence, I followed the same way home. The smells were too intoxicating and the views are pretty breathtaking. I pulled over to the view point to see Mt. Hood and the river. I could have stayed out there all night. Being out in nature with no other distractions or concerns was pure bliss.

After my pit stop, I blasted 30 Seconds to Mars and sang til my throat hurt. It was like my own little therapy session. I truly didn't want to return home but knew that I had all sorts of things to get done. The sun was just setting and the sky was a mix of blue, white, and this fantastic orange that you wish you could touch. Over the Glenn Jackson bridge, I could see the reflection of the setting sun on the water and I wish I could have stopped to breathe it all in.

My drive made me feel pretty confident that I will be able to not only drive cross country but also that it will be a cathartic experience if there ever was one.

Less than 90 days to go; I can't wait.


  1. I used to enjoy driving to Woodburn when after work when I was at State Farm. It was an easy drive, and driving can be such a great way to clear your head.

  2. It was a really nice drive. I would have gone east on I-84 but I figured I should save that for August :)