Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Uncomfortable Praise

I try hard to be a good employee (and friend) and am always interested in taking on challenges and helping where I can. I volunteer for a lot of things at work because I think that the experience is invaluable and anything new that I can learn will only help me in the future. I have also been given amazing opportunities because of my willingness to help out (i.e. puppy sitting and volunteering at networking events). If I were staying in the area, I would be able to have some major connections for future job prospects.

I do all of this because I genuinely enjoy it. It is the same thing when I help friends; I genuinely enjoy helping people out and knowing that my effort may have helped someone else. I take on things that I can do, can do well, and enjoying doing which usually relates to children, event planning and organization. Again, I love anything having to do with these subjects! I am a left-brained, socially aware female that enjoys working with people and being creative.

With all of this being said, I am incredibly uncomfortable with praise. Praise and accolades have been sweetly used quite a bit in my current position and although I appreciate the care behind it, I have no idea how to react. I have now resorted to smiling politely and giving a little "Thank You" when I hear anything but, and I am not boasting here, if I am called "rock star" one more time, I might just turn completely red and end up hiding under my desk! How do you react to that? Am I being crazy?

I am glad that I am doing good work and that I can be there for people. I suppose it aligns well with my future career goals and vast experience in non-profits, childcare and human services. Even a career matchmaker said that I was where I should be!

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