Saturday, May 28, 2011

Being Perfect

I was reading a few other blogs today and they brought up the topic of comparing yourself to other people and being hard on yourself. Such tough habits to break out of!

I constantly criticize myself for not doing the things that I should or need to do. When I have those kind of days where my inner dialogue is my worst enemy, I usually get to a point where I say "I am nice person. I am doing what I can right now. It's not the end of the world." I always think back to Caitlin's Operation Beautiful campaign and feel like I am only doing myself harm with the negative self-talk. I feel like as I have gotten older and faced challenges, I gain more confidence but also realize that I am who I am. I get shy and awkward sometimes (well, awkward a lot of the time) but that is completely okay. I love, love spoiling people and making others feel good. I hate spending money on things that I don't need to. I am hard on myself but I think that is because I know I can do better.

With being "perfect" I am always concerned that I should be doing things better like all the "normal" people do. I need to be flossing and working out I need to be reading more and watching less television. I shouldn't drink soda and I shouldn't spend money on eating out. I shouldn't be doing this...that...blah...blah..blah. How exhausting!

My inner dialogue is exhausting me!

So everyday I try to think and do my best. I will never be perfect and I will mess up but giving myself some leeway is the only way that I can truly be successful, confident and happy.

It shall happen!

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