Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Single Life

Ok, I am going to say it:
I really miss being in a relationship!

So far I have been doing pretty well and wanting to remain single at least through graduate school. I do not want to be pinned down to someone as I graduate and look at jobs in any part of the country or the world. I don't want the drama or the stress and I enjoy having free time to hang out with friends and just do my own thing. I think because of how ridiculous (seriously!) my last relationship was, I knew I wouldn't be ready for anyone new for quite a while.

Lately though, I have been wanting a partner in crime. I have the wicked travel bug right now and literally want to visit every corner of the earth but not just alone anymore. Did that. Drove cross country doing just that and it was an amazing experience but it isn't nearly as fun as having someone else there to be in awe over earth's natural wonders or delight in the tastiest happy hours or have someone broaden your perspective on life by encouraging you to do things you wouldn't normally do. I miss that kind of stuff!

I have all these trips in my mind that I would love to take in the next few months but it just isn't as fun without a buddy. Whether it be Michigan or Florida, I have the urge to explore and see everything possible. It just would be that much more awesome with a person that can provide humor, a hand to hold, and even someone to take touristy pictures with.

*Side note: I was recently reading a magazine article about relationship baggage (that we all have) and four of the most difficult situations to overcome. I just happen to have experienced all four in the last go around....that does not bode well for this girl!

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