Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello, Florida! I am falling in love with you.

Like I mentioned previously, my posts will be pretty sporadic but I will try my best to update. Of course my main topic is food! For orientations (my main reason for being here), staff is provided breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. These can be healthy choices but are not always the best options. When someone is treating you to meals, I personally want to take advantage. After three weeks now of meals provided for me though, I need to readjust my thinking a bit.
This pizza is HUGE....cannot properly describe or picture.
When I usually go out to eat, it is a rare thing and I treat myself or splurge. I get soda maybe twice a week, if that, and limit myself to one per day. I won't disclose how many sodas a day I have been having but let's just say that is changing after today. I also am newly addicted to sweet tea but have found a nice compromise with the 3/4 unsweetened tea, 1/4 sweet tea combination. Thank goodness! I also know that every other breakfast, I can get this amazing fruit cup from Einstein's Bagels that I look forward to with great anticipation and for lunch, I can make adjustments to my box lunch to make it a little less carb-heavy....although I will never, ever NOT eat the cookie! Hey, it is Otis Spunkmeyer, man.

Besides food going on down here, I am also changing my attitude and my physical activity.  Being part of orientation for almost two straight days (nights and early mornings), there is little downtime to be sad, angry, or tired. I don't usually notice what I am feeling until I get home at night and finally get a chance to stop talking and be still for a while. My legs hurt from standing all day but I love, love interacting with students, my crew, and parents....although I could do without angry parents who are very much in touch with their feelings and not afraid to show it. I am taking advantage of the rec center here as much as possible to work out. With orientation schedule, we are pretty much booked all day or I am just so exhausted that I don't want to work out but I know that it is good for me. My suitemate has the best quote up on her wall: "Discipline is knowing what you want." Words to live by.

Socially...I love the people I work with. I was able to head to Downtown Disney Tuesday night and had great fun. I couldn't resist buying Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels and a few little things. I hope to head down there again sometime during the daylight to see everything! Legoland store alone was just awesome.

And.....since I just noticed all of my pictures were FOOD (ack!), I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures of campus so far.

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