Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who Am I Shopping For?

As I have developed a personal style (or something close to a style), I have noticed that I am actually shopping for different aspects of myself. Sometimes I am buying things for the present and other times for the future. Right now, I am shopping for three different "people" in a sense.

Person 1: Average April
This is my day-to-day wear that usually involves great pants and a cardigan of some sort. I have lots of layering looks but since Michigan is holding tight to the 50 degree weather, it is hard for me to transition to more spring looks and am instead drawn to more cardigans (if you can believe...I have an obvious addiction) and long pants. Things like this:

This was actually on one of the warmer days but plenty of layering was going on.

Person 2: Florida April
I don't exactly know what to expect in Florida except for humidity so I am trying to find light, cotton tops with shorts that I will feel comfortable in. I have the shorts area pretty much covered and have bought more skirts than I care to admit but in the shoes area I apparently think I am a coordinated person because these are the shoes I fell in love with for "Florida April"

They don't look it but they are pretty tall! I also purchased these ones from Target:

It is one or the other, not both. Still trying to see which ones are more appropriate but I think the first ones might just win out because they are too cute and also the heel is made from 70% recycled materials. The Oregonian in me will never die.

Person 3: Professional April
This one rears its head usually on clearance or sale items. I see something that would look amazing in an interview or at a conference and have to add it to my wardrobe. Today was a prime example:

The picture actually doesn't even do it justice. The color is a beautiful dark blue with the lace overlay being subtle but adding some interest and texture. And it was under $8! I felt so lucky! I probably won't end up wearing it til the end of the year or early next but I couldn't pass it up. For my birthday, one of my dear friends bought me some Steve Madden shoes that would go excellently in both my typical wardrobe and my professional self.

This picture isn't the greatest but they are some pretty rockin' shoes!

I was looking in my closet today and realized that I have definitely turned into a crazy shoe person over the years. My collection of heels is astounding considering I got rid of a lot of them when I moved from Corvallis to Portland and then Portland to Michigan. I have added in a lot of flats that were functional for walking around all over campus and a pair of boots but I have a feeling I am far from being done cultivating the delicate shoe collection. Stay tuned!


  1. I love the first pair of Florida April shoes. I’ve noticed lately that I’m the person who makes tons of returns. I hope people aren’t starting to recognize me at the stores I frequent =)

  2. Amy--I kept the first pair :) I have made so many returns too lately! Luckily I have been mixing up which stores I do the returns to so no nasty looks just yet.