Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reverb: Creative Prompt for July


In about six hours I will be off on a fancy bus to Miami. I am nervous and scared out of my mind which is an excellent segway to my Reverb prompt to inspire my July posting!

What new thing will you try this month?

 I have traveled a good amount on my own already in life and the beginning of July bring up a new journey: Miami Beach! I originally was going to do a trip down there to visit a friend and decided to just take full advantage of it since I have no idea when I will have the opportunity again. My friend is currently in limbo on her scheduling for next week (she is a nurse) so I know that I will have to just do what I do which is make the best of the situation and plan a few fun activities for myself. I already booked a boat tour of Miami which I am super excited about as well as researched a few "cheap" (for South Beach standards) restaurants that will fulfill all my cravings for brunch, pizza and fresh fruits and vegetables. I also staked out a few ways of sightseeing on my own via the bus and/or renting a bike for the day. I plan to spend at least a good part of one day at the beautiful beaches and ample night time in my room enjoying my cushy bed and cable television. I know...I'm so wild!

My hope within the next month and as I return back to my Michigan life is that I do not lose my zest and willingness to be up for anything. Right now when someone asks if I want to do this or that they want to do that, I am always, always up for it. Already  I have shelled out a good amount of money to go to the Tampa Rays vs. Red Sox baseball game later this month (so very excited!) and might also take a day trip to a beach or St. Augustine. I have a bike tour of Detroit (don't give me that face, it will be amazing!) in August scheduled and paid for and hope to see at least one baseball game with my graduate school people as well.

Update on my sugar temptations: I haven't had a treat during work hours for two weeks. I was with a friend last weekend and we shared the most divine Florida Key Lime Cheesecake and I also grabbed some frozen yogurt (my weakness) while I had the car but other than that, there hasn't been any derailments. This obviously will be subject to my cravings and experiences in Miami as I would love to experience the Cuban food as well as the local restaurants. 

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