Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good Day, Sunshine

Can I tell you about my randomly lovely day?
Well, you have no choice. Here we go!

  • Purchase a brand NEW bed (never had one of those) and get an amazing deal.
  • Saved money because my downstairs neighbor helped me (although I am sure he regretted it later..).
  • Purchase Old Navy pants with a Groupon deal in a size SMALLER (cut to me tearing up in the dressing room).
  • Great conversation with the mom while perusing Border's discount sales (birthday cards galore).
  • Major Target shopping trip then grabbed a delicious Crunchwrap Supreme for a quick dinner.
  • Drop everything off and decide that IKEA trip is happening tonight!
  • Quickly make my way to IKEA and proceed to spoil myself in amazing bedding and bedroom items. Finally feel like my apartment will become a home.
  • Run through Wal-Mart desperate on the search for sheets and spray paint (intrigued, right??) and although I only found the spray paint, I also found several screaming children (top of the lungs, high-pitched).
  • Found a slightly longer but less crazy drive back home and was just filled with happiness and serenity.
  • Upon coming home, I had internet! I watched Project Runway and my other favorite reality shows while roasting marshmallows as a late night snack. Nom, nom, nom. 
  • The end. 
Tomorrow will be the Day O'Cleaning. My apartment has sat dormant and closed up since May and it shows it. I shall clean top to bottom, properly arrange my home and then feel like a normal person again!

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