Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crash, Bang, Wizz

Lots has been going on! Not terribly exciting to write about but in reality, the last few weeks since I have been back in Michigan have been hectic. Scratch that. HECK.TICK.

1) Laptop went CRASH as in hard drive crash and had to get that fixed up right quick.

2) My sleeping pattern has been great for consistency purposes but I cannot survive on six hours a sleep a night. Now I know. Lack of sleep causes me to be dragging by 2pm and I am becoming a bit more clumsy than normal. BANG.

3)  Time is going by way, way too fast. I am working full-time which is crazy right now with students registering right up until the last minute. Add in my responsibilities for the student organization and teaching for the Fall and I feel a little overwhelmed. All do-able but just.....have to get there. WIZZ.

I have a big bike ride scheduled for Saturday through Wheelhouse Detroit and I am scared absolutely shitless. An unsuccessful bike ride in Miami earlier this summer makes me just that much more nervous. I had no idea it was a long, long bike ride. I have also prepared myself to be very, very sore come Sunday.

In addition to my lack of sleeping skills, my appetite has also been challenging. Besides the required iced coffee each morning, I just don't want to eat. I found some great calcium and vitamin D gummies so at least I am getting nutrition there! (j/k) I went to Sam's Club the other day and spent $50 way too much money but it was all on produce, string cheese and orange juice. You bet your bottom that I am going to make sure I eat every single thing I bought!

This week was also the last orientation for those back at UCF. I texted with many of them throughout the day to see how things were going. It totally hurt my heart to not be there with them! I really miss that crew and their wonderful smiles. 


  1. Wow I have so much to say….
    -You’re going to be an awesome teacher, and I can’t wait to hear all about it.
    -I want to tell you about my mini adventure in biking as an adult, but I don’t want to scare you =)
    -Are those peaches? The girls and I just ate through a big carton. Yum!

  2. -Thank you! I still absolutely cannot believe that I am teaching a college class. I have no idea how I got here!
    -You can tell me the story...I am already completely terrified of bikes at this point. My goal is to start small (ie. not the 15 mile bike ride in a major city).
    -Peaches! I have been absolutely obsessed with them this summer. So good! We'll both be sad when they aren't in season anymore.