Friday, August 19, 2011

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

Okay, maybe not as flirty as I would like to be but definitely the other two. I am finally feeling that 30's confidence and pride in myself. Not simply being a woman but a woman who knows herself well, has the confidence to try anything and the pride in how I look and represent myself. Really, why doesn't think come sooner in life?

Since I have been home, it has been non-stop. I have been running errands, returning emails, desperately praying my boss doesn't hate me for taking on two other jobs in the fall and also trying creating a home. I finally have an apartment that I want people to come and see! I also got a great haircut (finally) the other day and it just made me feel good. It has taken me such a long time to realize that spending a little money here and there is good when you are buying some quality things. It is little things, too, like shampoos, mascaras, facial moisturizers and even knick-knacks for the apartment.

Here are some of the improvements I have made:

The living room was very blah and lacking any sort of "style" (okay, using that word subjectively). I changed a lot around so that I can actually look outside and not get any weird reflection on the television. I am in love with my little pink vintage chair!

Can you tell I wasn't using this room for the last year?? My ultimate plan is going to be gray and yellow (hence the rug) but for right now everything is going to be put to great use. I pulled the large black iron clock from the living room and put that above my bed now which compliments the black bookcase. The wall to the right of the mirror will have a collection of smaller vintage mirrors and I am also creating art for the far wall in grays and yellows to pull things together. Only piece of furniture I need to buy for the apartment is a dresser!


  1. Your place looks great, and I can relate to this post. When all four of us were in our two bedroom, I was always embarrassed to have people over. It’s nice to have 300 hundred more square feet, and go through the moving process and purging, donating, and organizing. I still have lots of work to do, but we’re getting somewhere =)

  2. Thank you! Four people in two bedrooms would be pretty cramped..thank goodness you have more space now!!