Thursday, February 2, 2012

Confession Thursday

I am having a weird week. Lots of little things going on and as the month progresses, it will only get weirder. Here are my few little confessions of the week to be in the clear to enjoy my Friday.

1. I had to text my downstairs neighbor last night to turn down his TV/video games. I felt horrible!! This guy is the same one that has helped with internet issues and helped get my too-big bed up the too-small stairs.

2. I feel like because I was volunteering today, the heavens didn't give me a parking ticket.

3. I have been tempted both days of February so far to get Starbucks. I mean, TEMPTED. I am taking the month off from Starbucks and any fast food stops unless I am with other people.

4. I got Subway for dinner tonight but in my defense, I had a really long day, might be getting sick, and ate it really, really slowly.

5. The newest JCPenny's commercial makes me want to hurt someone, namely the person (people) who came up with this concept.

8. I couldn't give blood this week and I got very sad.

9. I almost couldn't give my pee either but that thankfully worked out as well.

Alright....fess up....?

P.S. It's February. FEB.U.AIR.EEE. Holy crap.


  1. Fess up time!

    I want to quit my job and find some other social service position to pass the time.

    I am also looking into the culinary arts/baking program through Clark that would begin in September.

  2. You could totally get another job, especially with all of your experience in non-profit/community resource work. Would you consider grad school?

    That would be awesome to do as well! Good ideas for some future plans :)

  3. I've considered the notion here and there. However, if I went back to school I would want to learn a technical skill (hence baking!). Andy was asking me this same question this evening (what else can I do/become with a women studies degree). I think it's more of a burn out of social services that I'm feeling, so I'm trying to think of all the positives of where I work now to bring forth in my next monthly check-in with the boss (working from home, branching into outreach/development, training newbies).

  4. That's great to have ideas so that you can actually find fulfillment. If you went to grad school, I would think you would continue your work in non-profit or social services but that's only if you are really want to invest in that as your future. The baking seems like a fun thing to do!