Friday, February 10, 2012

Pinterest: Healthy Inspiration

Pretty much everyone I know has a Pinterest account and is very attached to it. It really is an amazing thing; you can save everything you come across online, organize it, and share it. Simple concept = total genius. One of the things I have loved is keeping a healthy inspiration board so that I can remember good tips and good ideas. I wanted to share a few that really stick with me and ones that I actually continually come back to when I need encouragement or a big ol' bitch slap of reality.

Hours and hours of sitting on my ass when I could have been at the gym. 

Yes. Duh. 

I lost most of my weight watching what I eat consistently. Need to get that feeling back.

Biggest problem lately? Stress and comfort eating. 

So these are not only reminders for myself as to what I hold important but I hope they give you some inspiration as well!

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