Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Challenge: Fail.

So as I mentioned earlier, I had the grand hope for the entire month of February to

1. No Starbucks.
2. No eating fast food unless I was with other people.

I do believe it is only the 7th and I have failed on both accounts! I had no idea how dependent I was on the convenience of eating out. I don't do it often (two times a week at the very most) but with my scheduling this week, I am in the Student Center during lunch times and I have two nights of class which leave me wanting to eat a meal rather than a granola bar for dinner. I will say that the coffee splurge this morning did me in for the rest of the way (hello jitters!). Tomorrow I will again be in the Student Center and lunch will be from one of the fine offerings there PLUS I have class in the evening. I am currently planning some snacks that can last a full day without being refrigerated AND have some significant nutritional value.

Well, let's see how that goes!

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