Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's Good Things

I am in a wee funk. That shall end before my 31st year begins though!

Here are some lovely and happy things for today:

  • Perhaps my new favorite Easter candy? It is deceptively delicious.
  • Living off veggie frittatas. Easiest dinner/leftover next day lunch. Also the easiest way to clean out the freezer.
  • Going through the car wash. My car is clean and we are both a little happier afterwards. 
  • Sending out awesome mail. My mom's birthday is this weekend so I had to rush to get her present out. Two words: chocolate wine. Another three words: Happy Birthday pasta
  • Free stuff. Today I took advantage of a free entree from Moe's Southwest Grill and Starbucks. Can't wait to get a few more birthday freebie emails!
  • Finally getting the tickets for my first Detroit Tigers game! There will be 14 of us going next Friday to the game as part of our end of the year celebrations. Super excited to relax and hang out with everyone!
  • And the last one. Planning a lunch date with the other graduating GA and my Red Robin! I have a serious love of their french fries and I don't get go very often so I can be oddly excited by this one.

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