Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 (Downtown Charleston, WV)

Finally arrived in South Carolina! The second leg of the drive wasn’t too bad and driving through West Virginia was definitely the highlight. I left Charleston WV in the early morning and even saw the beautiful sunrise. The mountains gave me a little run for my money but I safely glided through Virginia, North Carolina, and into South Carolina by the early afternoon. I stopped at a rest area right before SC to grab a few tourist brochures and stretch my legs. 


 Once I arrived, I went right over to my realtor’s office to sign the lease and grab the key. I forgot how long that whole process took!

The apartment is great - very spacious - it just wasn’t in the greatest condition. Let’s just say I spent most of my evening cleaning every nook, cranny, and wall in the place. It was worth it though to know that everything is in good shape and I can safely walk around barefoot. I only had enough energy to move about 65% of my stuff out of the car so that rest will be carried in small, manageable loads. 


Let's not ignore the big ol' factor in my exhaustion: heat. Most of the country is dealing with some crazy heat right  now and although it is summer time, I just don't think most of us are used to this! I tried to mentally prepare but I spent most of today inside in the cool air rather than getting into my hot car. Tomorrow is another day to try!

P.S. They don’t call SC “Famously Hot” for nothing. 

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